Tuesday, 3 January 2012

about my 1st HBS opinion

After read through the HBS, I think Symbian will dead, Window CE will die, Android will become standard after few years, I phone become a trendy smart phone and last but not least the Blackberry will be around as well but the amount of it, it is not much.
The lesson of this HBS is we need to think different in order to succeed in our life like what I phone 3. You can see the features that got in Nokia N95 in pg15, compared to I phone it is completely different and it come out with few new features like 3.5 inch touch screen, multi-touch and more. This is why I phone so successful.
Then, even you know you are the best but you still need to improve in order to maintain your position. We know that before I phone release, there are only symbian and it make them ego and important things is they never know apple launch an attack (June 2007) on them then their shares already start dropping until now.
The only way that symbian can fight back is need to promote well in a creation that really will shocked them (Apple, Blackberry, Android). Here is a good suggestion, I take it from my lecturer idea, he told us about the PLD(programmable logic device) can transform according to what you need like movie also got transformer, it is something like that. Having good programming skills in this maybe it will create a new era. Off course, this will never happened in 1 or 2 years but I think it will really happen. As people said nothing is impossible, if there is a dream then someday it will realize.
I believe symbian can make it because they are the early inventor and from what I learn is we need to have a strong base so that can improve ourselves. And I think they still got a lot of fan that are still with Symbian.